> Old silver/black fillings and even current composite/white fillings both play the same role. they fill the void left by cavities and breakage. if they’re small or moderate sized, the fillings may function well. however, the bigger the space left behind, the more fracture-prone the tooth becomes. this structural compromise can lead to premature tooth loss or extensive and expensive future repairs. for this reason, we at the hoy dental centre believe our visitors deserve a choice.
The greater the damage to the tooth, the more likely we are to suggest the option of using modern dental ceramic/porcelains. These do not just fill the void, but restore the strength back to your tooth. And with the wide range of tooth shades available, the tooth will look as if it has never had a cavity or a crack.

Modern dental ceramics have shown the most promise in recreating the strength, colour and beauty of natural enamel and tooth structure. We use the Cerec (Ceramic Reconstruction) system for most of our cer-amic restorations. This revolutionary in-office laboratory procedure employs 3D computer-assisted design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to create all ceramic crowns, onlay and inlay restorations, and even veneers – in just one visit! Among the benefits:

  • No more cumbersome impressions
  • No more temporary tooth replacements to make or take care of for one to two weeks
  • One visit to get your tooth repaired means taking less time from your busy schedule
  • Freezing only has to be done once
  • Cerec ceramics have a beautiful, natural enamel-like look and feel
  • Clinically proven with millions of ceramic restrorations done worldwide

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