> We offer an innovative dental technology called Invisalign ( Clear Braces ). It’s an invisible, removable and comfortable alternative way to straighten teeth and help give yo the smile you’ve always wanted. Tooth movements occur in much the same manner as traditional braces, but without the bands, brackets and wires.
How is it accomplished?

We use 3D computer-imaging technology to map the complete treatment, from start to finish. We begin with a set of accurate impressions of your teeth. Using computerized morphing, a series of clear custom-made, removable aligners are produced. Every two weeks or so you’ll change your aligners, and once a month you will visit us to check your progress and receive new aligners. At the end of the process is a smile that we have worked together to create, addressing things that you always wanted to change, such as crowding, spaces and rotated teeth.

Why do people prefer Invisalign?
Aligners are removed for eating, brushing and flossing. So you are free to eat your favourite foods without the traditional-braces worry of brackets or wires coming loose, and certain types of foods sticking to the bands. Brushing and flossing is made much easier since you don’t have to work around the hardware. Also, because of the computer simulations used with Invisalign, you’ll see and help design the finished result even before we’ve begun!

Invisalign aligners have been used to treat more than 800,000 dental patients worldwide.

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